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Bulk Beef Sale!

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Here’s The Scoop:

Many of you have been asking to purchase bulk beef, and we understand that the bulk price and food security that buying in bulk offers is important to you. In the next year, we do not expect to have any beef to offer for sale as whole, ½ or ¼ portions that meet(s) our standards for 100% grass finished beef. However, we want to help you find a solution.

Earlier this year, we purchased a group of heifers to help graze our pastures over the summer and assist in building soil fertility on some newly-leased pasture ground in our care. We planned to sell them as bred heifers through conventional cattle market channels this fall when the growing season was at an end. However, some of the heifers did not breed and were not sold at the end of the summer along with the rest of the group. These heifers are now full-grown and in great condition to be processed. Thus, we have decided to offer them to you as bulk beef in full transparency that, while they are almost 100% grass fed and finished, they do not meet our high standards for Grass Corp. Beef. 

About The Beef: 

At Grass Corp. we raise our beef 100% on grass and without the use of any hormones, antibiotics, vaccinations, or other conventional medications. You can view our farming protocols here. The heifers that we have for sale have been under our care for 6 months now, but spent their first 16 months on a farm that does not fully follow our natural farming practices. 

Here is what we know about their life before coming to Grass Corp.: 

  • They were pastured and ate grass, except for small amounts of grain only used to coax them back into the barn when needed.
  • They were kept up-to-date on vaccinations and standard worming prior to arriving at our farm.
  • They received one shot of Lutalyse: a hormone treatment to make their cycles align and achieve a synchronized breeding time for the group. 

This is what we have to offer: 

We are now taking bulk orders for beef from the heifers mentioned above. We currently have beef quarters and ground beef bundles available.

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I get all of my meat, chicken and eggs from Grass Corps! It is very important to me where the things I eat come from. I can trust that the animals are treated well. Also they do regenerative farming, which is important to me. I highly recommend them!
Rose Koerber Rose Koerber
The Steckler family offers exceptional grass fed products. They are super friendly and a pleasure to work with. If you are looking for healthy food, search no farther!
Beth Mohr Beth Mohr
The Steckler family sure knows how to offer healthy, delicious food! Their organic and sustainable methods of farming and raising animals are top notch. I so appreciate having healthy food options available locally.
Sarah Baldwin Sarah Baldwin