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FREE Home Delivery On Orders of $250 Or More! --- $15 Shipping For Orders $100-$249 (Must select "Home Delivery." Check availability in your area)

Home Delivery

Get quality, pasture-raised meats and cheese shipped straight from our farm to your door!

How It Works

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Your package will be shipped directly from our farm to your door! Order by Sunday night to recieve your pakcage as soon as Wednesday.

How Much Does Home Delivery Cost?

Home Delivery is FREE for orders over $250. Minimum order is $100. There is a $15 flat rate shipping fee for all Home Delivery orders $100-$249.

What Products Can I Have Shipped to My Home?

At this time, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Mutton, Goat, Chicken, Cheese, and Soap can be ordered for Home Delivery. Due to regulations, other Dairy products, Eggs, Bone Broth, Rabbit, and Turkey can not be shipped at this time.

When will my order ship?

Orders are shipped on Tuesdays and usually arrive the next day (Wednesday). The deadline to order is Sunday night at midnight. If your order is placed after Sunday, it will be shipped the next week on Tuesday. 

How will my order be packed? 

Orders are packed in insulated cardboard boxes with dry ice to maintain their frozen state as long as possible durring the shipping process. We encourage you to recycle the boxes used for shipping. 

What do I do when I recieve my order?

Unpack your order as soon as possible after recieving it so that cold items can be quickly put back in a freezer or refrigerator to maintain quality. 

How to Unbox Your Package:

Remove  the insulated lining and any other packing fill  from the top of  your package.  Look for a bag containing any remaining dry ice used to keep your product cold while shipping (see instructions below for handling and disposing of dry ice). If there isn’t any dry ice left, just remove the empty bag and continue unpacking! Hold each item in your hand as you unpack to make sure that everything is still cold. Move all frozen items to a freezer as soon as possible and place refrigerated items in the refrigerator. Remember to recycle your box and enjoy your products from our farm! We really appreciate having feedback about how our packaging and cold products are holding up during shipping. Please call or send us an email if you have any comments or questions!

Dry Ice Safe Handling and Disposal:

Avoid direct skin contact with the dry ice as it can cause contact burns. Use gloves or a towel to remove any remaining dry ice from the package. Place the dry ice in a well ventilated room or outdoors so that it can continue to evaporate safely. Keep out of reach of pets and children to avoid contact burns.

What if My Meat is Thawed?

While we do our best to maintain quality during shipping, it is possible that some of your meat could be thawed when you receive your package. According to the USDA even meat that has been completely thawed can be safely refrozen as long as it is still cold. If you receive meat that is thawed, check that the packages are still cold and place them in the freezer as soon as possible. Please contact us by phone or email to report thawed meat so that we can continue to improve our shipping quality. You can see the statement from the USDA here: