Pasture-Raised Farm:

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Story of Our Farm

This is the story of Grass Corp.; The farm and the family behind it.


Stan and Martha Steckler both grew up on small dairy farms in Southern Indiana. As Stan grew, so did his passion for farming sustainably the way our Creator intended. In 2001 Grass Corp. was born out of the desire to raise our family on a pasture-based farm.  In 2005, we moved our young family to our current location in the beautiful rolling hills of Perry County to expand our growing direct marketing business of pasture-raised products.  

Through the use of holistic management, we are restoring the soils under our care and growing high quality pastures to nourish the many animals we are raising. Our current offerings include 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, free range pork and eggs,  pasture-raised chicken and turkey, and 100% grass-fed, raw dairy products.  Grass-fed is more than just a label to us. It is a way of raising animals and producing truly green, healthy foods for our family and for yours. Our children, who have all been home schooled, are taking an active role in the farming operation and the Grass Corp. business as it continues to flourish. Making our products available to you, our customer, continues to be a high priority and we continue to expand the scope of our delivery options available throughout southern Indiana. 

Our commitment to improving soil fertility, raising grass-fed animals, producing nutrient-dense food, and delivering our products to like-minded people throughout southern Indiana is sure to continue well into the future.                                                 -- Stan and Martha Steckler

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