Pasture-Raised Farm:

Spring Lambing

Wednesday was the first expected date for lambs to be born at Grass Corp., but Joel figured there was already about 50 lambs following their mommas about at that time. It's hard to keep an accurate count of lambs with a flock of 385 ewes all having babies around the same time, but keeping count isn't nearly as important as making sure they are all safe and cared for.  Read this weeks blog to learn how we are caring for an ever-growing flock of over 400 sheep! 

Burning For A Fresh Start

Stan, Joel, and Eli spent an afternoon using fire to clear dead growth and wild blackberry bushes from some newly leased land. The goal is converting this land to pasture to continue its healing journey.

Raw Milk: What You Should Know About It

Raw milk doesn’t need to be mysterious or scary, but sometimes it’s hard to find clear answers to the questions you have and Googling can make it even more confusing. As lifetime dairy farmers and raw milk producers, here is what we have to say about it:

Finding Balance in Soil Fertility

When spring rolls around each year and we begin spraying our pastures with fertilizer, it always raises questions about what we are spraying and why. I'm here to answer these questions and to assure you that it's not being sprayed with pesticides, herbisides, or other chemicals. Read more to learn exactly what we are using to feed our pastures and grow quality grass for our animals.

Salt: To Eat, or Not To Eat?

Salt is a necessary element for life on earth, but doctors have been telling patients for decades to restrict their sodium intake. So what's the right answer? Keep reading for more information on salt, what us farmers know about it, and why it's an essential part of our animals diets and probably the most used ingredient in our kitchen at the farm.