Pasture-Raised Farm:

An Egg-cellent Egg

In a world of vast disconnect between consumers and the source of their food it is often difficult to decipher the adjectives used in the advertising, packaging, and marketing of food products in order to understand the actual quality of what you are purchasing. One of the most staple grocery items, eggs, is a prime example of this confusing predicament.

Living Soil

The soil is alive. Even though conventional agriculture seems to have forgotten that, research is developing to say just how necessary it is to keep our land healthy. In order to keep our food healthy we must try and replicate nature in our farming methods. Grass Corp. is doing this.

The Wages of Winter

In this post I discuss how the farm animals, plants, and soil life all work together to survive the winter. The winter is also a healing time for the earth. Snow has the benefits of being good for Insulation and better for the water cycle.

Growing Solar

When we graze on the farm we are managing a natural solar system. The plants have a growing cycle and when it is completed they must be grazed in order to stay young and growing. If they mature then they stop growing and collecting sunlight. The lost growth is unhealthy for the plants and the animals that rely on them.

Herd Pressure

When we graze our animals at Grass Corp. we imitate the American Bison by bunching the animals up tight and moving them daily. This animal movement gives the animals fresh grass that feeds not only themselves but the soil and plants as well.