Pasture-Raised Farm:

Meet The Team

Click a member of the Grass Corp. Team below and get to know them

  • Stan Steckler
    Stan Steckler
    Founder & Chief Mechanic
  • Martha Steckler
    Martha Steckler
    Chef, Office Manager & Grandbaby Holder
  • Gavin Steckler
    Gavin Steckler
    Owner, Team Lead & Head of Dairy Operations
  • Kaitlin Steckler (Gavin's Wife)
    Kaitlin Steckler (Gavin's Wife)
    Office Secretary
  • Hunter Cavender
    Hunter Cavender
    Inventory Management, Order Packing & Delivery
  • Samantha (Steckler) Cavender
    Samantha (Steckler) Cavender
    Customer Service & Media
  • Joel Steckler
    Joel Steckler
    Animal Care Extraordinaire
  • Eli Steckler
    Eli Steckler
    Homeschool & Order Packing
  • Jeremiah Steckler
    Jeremiah Steckler
    Homeschool, Egg Gathering & Packaging