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April 29th, 2023

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Picking Up Your Order

At Grass Corp. there are 3 easy ways to pickup your order. 

1) At Farm Pickup

2) Delivery Site Pickup 

3) Farmers Market Pickup

Please follow the steps above to create an account and place your order. Then read the instructions below on how to pick up at your preferred location.

At Farm Pickup 

If you would like to pick up at the farm, make your order and select "Grass Corp. Farm" as the pickup location. In the special instructions please tell us what day and time  you would like to pick up your order. Please pay online with your card or have cash or check available with you. There are no shipping fees for pickup at the farm. We will have your order ready when you arrive!If you are unsure what you would like order, feel free to come visit the farm and see our products before you buy. Please contact us on the website or call us at (812)843-3277 before coming to insure that a Grass Corp. team member will be on hand to assist you. Grass Corp.15606 Oriole Road Leopold, IN 47551 

Delivery Site Pickup

If you have selected one of our Pickup Sites as your preferred delivery location your order will be delivered to this location at the date and time given when you placed your order.  

Please pay with your card online or have cash or check ready at the time of pickup.

Note: We are only at these pickup sites for a few minutes. Please be sure you arrive on time so you don't miss picking up your order!

Farmers Market Pickup

Farmers markets are a great place to pick up your order! They allow you a longer time slot for picking up your order, no delivery fees, and you can even add products when you pick up if there's something you forgot when you placed your order! You can stop by our stand at the market to shop without placing an order. However, we suggest placing an online order to ensure we have all of the products you want. 

Our current market times are:

New Albany Farmers Market (New Albany, IN) Every Saturday 8:00 a.m. - noon May-September (Winter market hours 10:00am - noon October - April)

Missed Pickup and Order Cancelations

All orders may be canceled free of charge with proper notice of at least 24 hours. If 24 hour notice is not given and the order is not picked up at the date and time specified when placing the order, you will be subject to charges on your account equal to the full cost of dairy products as well as a 10% restocking fee for the remainder of your missed order. 

 Estimated Prices

Many of our products are priced per pound. This means that the totals given at checkout may contain estimated prices of the products you will receive. Please keep this in mind as you place your order and know that you will receive an email with your adjusted total once your order is packed and the cost for items priced per pound have been accounted for. 

Start a New Pickup Location

We are always open to opening new locations if there is enough interest in an area. Click below and fill out the form to let us know what you have in mind for a new location!