Pasture-Raised Farm:

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True Pasture Farming Brought Fresh to Your Table

~ Raised By The Steckler Family ~

Our Mission

Our passion is building soil fertility through intense pasture management.  We believe that where there is life in the soil there will be high quality pastures able to produce healthy animals that result in nutritious meat, dairy, and eggs.

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The Grass Corp. Promise

We want to be a trusted source of food for your family! 

Let this be our promise to you as your farmer:

Healthy and Humane Management

  • Hormones, antibiotics, and GMO's will never be used on our farm.
  • "Grass Finished" always means no grain was used. EVER!
  • "Pasture Raised" really does mean fresh green pasture every day.
  • Sustainable and regenerative land management is our priority.
  • All animals are humanely cared for, fed, and processed.


  • We will openly share our farming practices with you.
  • You can come to the farm anytime and see for yourself.
  • We take your concerns seriously and your questions will be answered.

1000+ Satisfied Customers and We're Not Done Yet!

I have been buying meat and dairy from this family for the last 7 years. Making sure that animals are clean and happy during their life on the farm was very important to me, so I drove to the farm unannounced just to look at animals and ended up spending a day there and meeting the entire family. The care and love for the animals exceed all my expectations. This family truly lives in harmony with nature. Very nice people and they keep a great farm. I wish them great continued success in their business and I recommend them to everyone who is looking for local organic and ethically produced meat and dairy products at very reasonable prices.
Tonya Greenstone Tonya Greenstone
We were able to get our first pasture raised turkey from Grass Corp and it was the most delicious turkey we ever had. The family is very kind and hardworking. From the farm tour and seeing how much they do, to purchasing fresh milk, butter, and a gorgeous turkey, we refuse to go back to store bought. This is a fantastic business and definitely worth giving their products a try, you won't regret it!
Kari Touchette Kari Touchette
Since moving from Canada a couple months ago we have been on the hunt for quality meat and dairy products. Some of our family who actively buy from Grass Corp suggested we check them out and now all other options are a let down. The milk from Grass Corp is so creamy and does not have that strange aftertaste that I have found from other vendors. You can just tell by the quality of their products that their animals are well taken care of and that they put a lot of care in what they do. It is also nice that they have convenient pick up locations and will show up when no one else would. Definitely a customer centered business not just by their words but also by their deeds.
Lizzy la Grange Lizzy la Grange

"Our desire is to make available nutrient dense foods to our family and yours."

- Stan Steckler, Owner of Grass Corp.