Pasture-Raised Farm:

True Pasture Farming Brought Fresh to Your Table.

~ Raised By The Steckler Family ~

Our Mission

Our passion is building soil fertility through intense pasture management.  We believe that where there is life in the soil there will be high quality pastures able to produce healthy animals that result in nutritious meat, dairy, and eggs.

How It Works

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The Grass Corp. Promise

We want to be a trusted source of food for your family! 

Let this be our promise to you as your farmer:

Healthy and Humane Management

  • Hormones, antibiotics, and GMO's will never be used on our farm.
  • "Grass-Finished" always means no grain was used. EVER!
  • "Pasture-Raised" really does mean fresh green pasture every day.
  • Sustainable and regenerative land management is our priority.
  • All animals are humanely cared for, fed, and processed.


  • We will openly share our farming practices with you.
  • You can come to the farm anytime and see for yourself.
  • We take your concerns seriously and your questions will be answered.

    300+ Satisfied Customers And We're Not Done Yet!

    Love all the folks at Grasscorp! They have top quality food at reasonable prices. Another thing that I love about them is that they truly care about their livestock and it certainly comes through to the consumer. Healthy happy animals make healthy happy food!
    ~ A Happy Healthy Customer | Reo, IN
    My family and I strive to eat foods produced locally and humanely. Grass Corp has very high standards in both regards and we have been happy with the meat and dairy we have purchased over the years. I have been able to visit the farm and see, first-hand, dairy cows, sheep and hogs roaming in fields of sorghum and woods and poultry roaming in their pasture doing what they do best. I feel comfortable knowing that what I put on the table has been treated the best way possible and it has spoiled our taste for mass-produced food.
    ~ Longtime Suporter of Grass Corp. | New Albany, IN

    "Our desire is to make available nutrient dense foods to our family and yours."

    - Stan Steckler, Owner of Grass Corp.