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Lamb Whole

Lamb Whole

Additional $100 processing fee applies
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This is a pre-order for a whole lamb available in December. A $50 Deposit will be charged at the time of placing this order and the remainder will be charged when you receive the lamb. 

The price is $3.00/lb. charged on live weight. Live weight is estimated to be 60-80 lbs. and the meat you take home is estimated to be 25-40 lbs.

There is an additional $100 processing fee. 

Example: If your lamb weighs 70lbs. live weight, you will be charged $3.00/lb x 70lbs = $210.00 + $100 processing fee = $310.00 total and your estimated meat to take home will be 32.5 lbs.

You will be able to customize a cut order for how you want your lamb to be cut up and packaged. Here is an example cut order for you to reference.

Loin Chops: 3/4 inch thick, 4per package

Rib Chops: 3/4 inch thick, 4per package

Front Shoulders: Roast 3-5lbs. (choose bone-in or boneless)

Hind Legs: Leg of Lamb (Bone-in)

Shanks: 2per package

Ribs: 1-2lb. packages

Trim: Ground, 1lb. packages

Organs: (Choose the ones you want)





Bones: 2lb. packages

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