Pasture-Raised Farm:

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Cluckin' Good Grind

Cluckin' Good Grind

1 pound

Grass Corp. Pasture Raised, Cluckin' Good Grind. The best for your pets!

Cluckin' Good Grind is a great addition to your pets raw diet! Made with the backs and necks of our pasture raised chickens, this is a nutritious form of raw chicken for your pets. 

All of our chickens are raised on pasture where they spend time soaking up the sun and searching for bugs. We feed our chickens a mix of minerals and non-GMO grains from local farmers that we formulate ourselves to meet our chickens nutritional needs. 

*This is not a complete pet food and is intended for intermittent feeding of cats and dogs

You may find the following chart for dogs helpful in determining roughly how much your pet may use.


Raw chicken backs, necks, and heads.