Pasture-Raised Farm:
1/4 Beef Box

1/4 Beef Box

81 pounds | 100% Grass Fed and Finished

This 1/4 Beef Box is 81 pounds of 100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef. A full list of cuts included is listed below: 

2 Fillet Mignon (Avg. 0.375lb/each)

4 New York Strip Steak (Avg. 0.625lb/each)

4 Delmonico Steak (Avg. 0.75lb/each)

4 Sirloin Steak (Avg. 0.75lb/each)

1 Flat Iron Steak (Avg. 0.5lb)

4 Chuck Roast (Avg. 2lb/each)

2 Flank Steak (Avg. 0.5lb)

1 Skirt Steak (Avg. 0.5lb)

1 Hanger Steak (Avg. 0.375lb)

4 Stew Meat (Avg. 0.75lb/each)

2 Soup Bones (Avg. 3lb/each)

10 Beef Patties (4 quarter pound patties per pack)

5 Ground Sirloin (1lb. each)

35 Ground Beef (1lb. each) (This is an estimated number of ground beef. We will adjust the ground beef by a few pounds depending on the weight of the other cuts to equal 81 pounds total in your 1/4 Beef Box)