Pasture-Raised Farm:
Dairy - Buttermilk

Dairy - Buttermilk

1 Quart

Our butter milk is cultured with no additives. Taked directly off of our freshly made butter and immediately put into the jars. 

Due to seasonal variations in grass quality and quantity there are times of the year when our butter milk will not be available. 

Price includes a $3 jar deposit that will be refunded when the jar is returned clean and intact.

Yes, it is imperative that all returned jars be clean--as in spotless. 

We reserve the right to not accept dirty jars.To ensure the cleanliness of the jars, rinse them immediately after use. Then wash them with hot soapy water and rinse with clear water. A dishwasher is acceptable. Let them dry completely before putting the lids on.

(Raw Dairy products are labeled as pet food in compliance with Indiana State regulations)