Pasture-Raised Farm:
Dairy - Milk (Pouches)

Dairy - Milk (Pouches)

1/2 Gallon Pouch

This is whole, raw milk fresh from our herd of dairy cows!

We milk the cows twice a day and seal the milk immediately in BPA free bags to lock in the freshness. Our cows are 100% grass fed, never receiving any grain, hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs. 

For more information about how we handle the milk from the cow to your refrigerator and answers to some commonly asked questions, read Raw Milk: What You Should Know About It

Plastic pitchers that we find work great for pouring from these milk pouches are also available for purchase. See video tutorial bellow:

Why use milk in a pouch?

-Less air inside the sealed pouch promotes extended freshness

-Eliminates the chance of contamination from reusable packaging

-Simple and compact packaging/No broken Glass

-Easy to use and no-mess pouring

-No need to pay a deposit, clean, or return jars

Here’s what one of our happy customers has to say:

“No glass jars means no cleaning, no drying, no breakages, and no clutter. Even our youngest finds the pouches easy to pour. And they take up less room in the refrigerator.” ~ Sarai Jentsch

Note: Milk pouches are not recyclable. However, we encourage you to find creative ways to reuse them. Check out this article for some neat ideas!

(Raw Dairy products are labeled as pet food in compliance with Indiana State regulations)