Pasture-Raised Farm:
Dairy - Milk Pouch

Dairy - Milk Pouch

1/2 Gallon Pouch

Grass Corp. 100% Grass Fed, Raw, Whole Milk. The best for your pets!

Not for human consumption*

Never pasteurized, homogenized, or altered in any way. 

Give your pets the best with quality milk fresh from the cows! Milked, packaged, and handled with care. Raw milk offers a nutritious treat for your pets to enjoy. 

Cows are 100% grass fed and never given antibiotics or added hormones.

For more information about how we handle the milk from the cow to your refrigerator and answers to some commonly asked questions, read Raw Milk: What You Should Know About It

Plastic pitchers that we find work great for pouring from these milk pouches are also available for purchase. See video tutorial bellow:

*For intermittent feeding of cats and dogs only