Pasture-Raised Farm:

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April 29th, 2023

Beef (not 100% Grassfed)

In 2022, we purchased a group of heifers to help graze our summer pastures and assist in building soil fertility on some newly-leased pasture ground in our care. We planned to sell them as bred heifers through conventional cattle market channels in the fall when the growing season was at an end. However, some of the heifers did not breed and were not sold at the end of the summer along with the rest of the group. While they are almost 100% grass fed and finished, they do not quite meet our high standards for Grass Corp. Beef. They were in our care and 100% Grassfed for about 8 months before being processed. Please continue reading to learn more about how these beef were fed and raised before coming to Grass Corp.

Here is what we know about their life before coming to Grass Corp.:

- They were pastured and ate grass, except for small amounts of grain only used to coax them back into the barn when needed.

- They were kept up-to-date on vaccinations and standard worming prior to arriving at our farm.

- They received one shot of Lutalyse: a hormone treatment to make their cycles align and achieve a synchronized breeding time for the group.

Beef Quarter

Processed 10/26/22

(NOT 100% Grassfed)

Beef Ground 80/20


(Not 100% grassfed)

Beef Oxtail

(not 100% grassfed)

Beef Soup Bones

(not 100% grassfed)

Beef Liver

(not 100% grassfed)

Beef Tongue

(not 100% grassfed)