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Whole Yearling Sheep

Whole Yearling Sheep

Available end of May | Click product photo for details
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In stock Pre-order

This is a pre-order for a whole yearling sheep available at the end of May. A $100 Deposit will be charged at the time of placing this order and the remainder will be charged when you receive your order. 

These Yearling Sheep are just over 1 year of age, so while they are no longer considered lamb, they will be tender and flavorful. Great for making your favorite cuts! We only have 10 yearlings to sell and we won't have anymore lamb available until late fall and spring next year.

The price is charged on the final pounds of meat you receive. We expect this to be about 35-40lbs, but the weight will vary depending on the size of your sheep and how you choose to have it cut.

We will contact you about how to make your cut order. You will be able to customize how you want your lamb to be cut up and packaged. Here is an example cut order for you to reference:

Loin Chops: 3/4 inch thick, 4per package

Rib Chops: 3/4 inch thick, 4per package

Front Shoulders: Roast 3-5lbs. (choose bone-in or boneless)

Hind Legs: Leg of Lamb (Bone-in)

Shanks: 2per package

Ribs: 1-2lb. packages

Trim: Ground, 1lb. packages

Organs: (Choose the ones you want)





Bones: 2lb. packages