Pasture-Raised Farm:

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No Antibiotics or Drugs

Our livestock are given every opportunity to live a natural and healthy lifestyle. The fresh pasture and sunshine allow them to heal themselves and hold off disease. If an animal does contract a disease, we treat them with natural remedies to boost their immune systems. We do not administer vaccines, antibiotics, or other conventional medicine to our animals.

Pork - Half Hog Pre-Order

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Beef Fillet

1" thick, 2/pkg.

Beef Rib Eye Steak

2/pkg. Cut 1" thick

Beef Porterhouse Steak

1/pkg. - Cut 1" thick

Beef Sirloin Steak

1/pkg. - Cut 1.5" thick

Beef Brisket

1/2 brisket

Beef Chuck Roast

1.5" thick. 1/pkg.

Beef Arm Roast

Cut 1.5" thick - Bone in

Beef Bologna

Natural Recipe. Thin Sliced.

Beef Patties

6 Quarter Pound Patties

Chicken Tenders

6-8 Tenders/pkg.

Chicken - X-Small

Whole Broiler Chicken 3-3.5 lbs.

Chicken - Small

Whole Broiler Chicken 3.5-4 lbs.

Chicken - Medium

Whole Broiler Chicken 4-4.5 lbs.

Chicken - Large

Whole Broiler Chicken 4.5-5 lbs.

Chicken - Jumbo

Whole Broiler Chicken 5-5.5 lbs.

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