Pasture-Raised Farm:

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100% Grass-finished (No Grain)

Our use of rotational grazing and sustainable management allows our cows and sheep to graze on pasture year round. During the winter months when the pasture is not able to support 100% of their dietary needs, they are suplemented with grass and alfalfa hay. Our cows and sheep never receive any grain or other non-grass feed.

Beef Fillet

1" thick, 2/pkg.

Beef Rib Eye Steak

2/pkg. Cut 1" thick

Beef Porterhouse Steak

1/pkg. - Cut 1" thick

Beef Sirloin Steak

1/pkg. - Cut 1.5" thick

Beef Brisket

1/2 brisket

Beef Chuck Roast

1.5" thick. 1/pkg.

Beef Arm Roast

Cut 1.5" thick - Bone in

Beef Bologna

Natural Recipe. Thin Sliced.

Beef Patties

6 Quarter Pound Patties


1/2 lb. Salted Butter

Lamb Loin Chops

3/4" thick, 4/pkg.

Lamb Steak

3/4" thick, 2/pkg.

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