Pasture-Raised Farm:

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Pigs, chickens, and turkeys are given a naturally high energy diet. In nature these animals would forage for grains, nuts, and seeds. The high energy of these feeds allow them to remain healthy and produce healthy foods. Our pigs, chickens and turkeys are raised on green pasture and fed a grain ration that is GMO-free and that gives balanced levels of protein and energy for a natural, healthy diet. 

Pork - Half Hog Pre-Order

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Chicken Tenders

6-8 Tenders/pkg.

Chicken - X-Small

Whole Broiler Chicken 3-3.5 lbs.

Chicken - Small

Whole Broiler Chicken 3.5-4 lbs.

Chicken - Medium

Whole Broiler Chicken 4-4.5 lbs.

Chicken - Large

Whole Broiler Chicken 4.5-5 lbs.

Chicken - Jumbo

Whole Broiler Chicken 5-5.5 lbs.

Pork Chops

3/4" thick, 4/pkg.

Pork Deli Ham

Natural Cure. Thin Sliced.

Pork Ham Steak Smoked

Cut 3/4" thick - Bone in

Pork Bacon

No MSG or nitrates added

Pork Canadian Bacon

Thin sliced. Smoked.

Pork Jowl Bacon

No MSG or nitrates added

Pork Bacon Ends

No MSG or nitrates added

Pork Roast

Boneless Shoulder Roast

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